When the werewolves, vampires or faeries hiding among us misbehave, Michael Biörn gets involved. He’s one of them of course, but that’s not his darkest secret.

Shadow Pack book cover


Werewolves sit atop the food chain. Hiding in plain sight, they murder with impunity. But nothing lasts forever. They thought his bloodline extinct. They were wrong.

The beast came at night. Murdered the cop in his home. Tore his Rottweilers to pieces. And it's only the latest in a series of gruesome attacks.

Overwhelmed, Houston PD is at a loss. But shape-shifter Michael Biörn isn't. Michael discerns the secret nature of the killer; a werewolf’s handiwork is unmistakable.

Werewolves move in packs, however. And the local pack is 40-member strong. But a young woman’s life is at stake. And so, after centuries spent avoiding the wolves, Michael abandons his retreat to confront his ancestral enemies.

To succeed, Michael must untangle the intricate web of lies and deceit surrounding the case. Fortunately, he can count on his friends for help. Friends like Ezekiel, a wizard of the Second Circle, and Sheila, an attractive journalist who uncovered his true nature. A nature she doesn’t find particularly repelling.

Book cover of Michael Miorn's autobiography


Michael Biörn has walked this earth for over a thousand years.

In this autobiography, Michael relates the extraordinary events that forged his personality.


It is recommended for you to read Shadow Pack
before reading Michael's autobiography.



Warlocks are a rare and dangerous breed. Shape-shifter Michael Biörn has walked this earth a thousand years and never met one. That’s about to change.

Vampires walking the streets in broad daylight. Students disappearing at an alarming rate. Rumors of a mysterious necromancer. Something is seriously amiss in Michael’s neck of the woods.
The Elves have chosen to ignore the problem, so it falls to Michael to look into it.
Hidden in the heart of the forest is a foe more powerful than anything he’s ever faced. And when Michael finds him, the unthinkable happens.

Now Michael must race to lift the veil of deception and expose the enemy’s true nature, all while keeping a headstrong werewolf pup named Olivia out of trouble.
In a case where nothing is what it seems, Michael could sure use Sheila’s investigative skills. But for that, the journalist would have to return his calls.




Tigers don’t belong in Yellowstone National Park. Yet, here they are... big, mean and thirsty for blood.

It started as a routine check for park ranger Michael Biörn. A vehicle illegally parked on a service road. An instant later, a child is fighting for her life while the man responsible vanishes into thin air. Stranger still, the encounter leaves Michael wounded and unable to heal for the first time in his eon-long existence.

Before the shapeshifter has a chance to reflect on his puzzling disability, the slaying begins.

Yellowstone's bears are the first victims, hunted for sport by very large cats. But soon the beasts start targeting humans, and it falls to Michael to stop them.

In his weakened state, Michael will need some help to unravel the mystery behind the attacks. But who can he trust when every single one of his friends is a potential suspect?

In an investigation spanning three continents, Michael will need to come face to face with the demons of his past to protect those close to him and finally find peace.

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